Keep yourself updated with the latest GWT technologies (gwt , app engine and gxt)

It’s been long since i have worked with GWT. I have been very busy with my scheduled tasks and can not afford to spend time on investing the features of this outstanding web technology.  Today i have sit with it and found that everything is required to be updated. The SDK for GWT, Google App Engine and the Ext GWT Library (The world is running fast?huh). I have updated all these and  here i write down the procedure for eclipse 3.4.

Download GWT version 1.7 from here and Google App Engine SDK 1.2.2 from here. Unzip the folders then open the Window->Preference window of eclipse.

Expand the Google menu from the left tree menu.  Select the Web Toolkit menu and it will show you the previous version of GWT. Click on the Add Button and select the unzipped folder as the installation directory.  Now check the latest SDK so that it will be the default SDK for the newly created projects.



Now select the App Engine menu and follow the steps stated above to add the latest version of the SDK.

You are now ready to use the latest version of GWT and Google App Engine SDK.

To use the latest version of Ext GWT library download this from here and follow my previous blog about how to use it in your GWT project.


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