How to run cruisecontrol.rb for continuous integration of Ruby on Rails application

CruiseControl.rb is a continuous integration tool for Ruby on Rails application. Its basic purpose is to alert members of a software project when one of them checks something into source control that breaks the build.

To run cruisecontrol.rb first download it from
Unpack the downloaded file.
Then go to the folder from command prompt where it is unpacked
and run:
cruise add project_name --url (url of your subversion trunk)

This will create a directory under [cruise_data]/project/project_name and then checks out your project from the subversion URL you provided to [cruise_data]/projects/project_name/work/

Now run: cruise start
This will start your web browser on port 3333
Browse http://localhost:3333 and press the “Build Now” button on the Dashboard to build your project.

After this every time any one checks something into source control cruise control automatically
builds your project and report about the Build Changeset , Test failures and errors, etc.


Anonymous July 3, 2008 at 5:39 AM  

yippee!!! Very helpful post for Rails developers. Hey buddy, why not you are participating any rails forum and subscribe your blog there. I can see you are becoming Rails GURU. It will help me in future if i work on Rails either :-)

Carry on. Keep your writing on and on through the art of excellence.

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